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A little bit about us

Daiichi Digital FZCO is a DTEC community member firm based in Dubai.

Daiichi Digital Dubai was founded in 2016 and has since worked with SMEs in the UAE and internationally.

We believe the future is digital and we want to help businesses get the information and support to maximize their returns in the most innovative and profitable way.










  1. Explainer video
    This asset will be used throughout our campaigns. It will be used to create awareness among doctors/clinics etc.
  2. Brochure
    This asset will be used physically by the Eezy Clinic team during their visits and/or meeting with prospective clinics/doctors
  3. Email marketing
    As we’d populating emailing lists, we’d be generating interest, and meetings for Eezy Clinic. The email content will be copywritten. Both the explainer video & brochure will be components of the email as well. We’ll be split testing with the email content to check what combination of elements creates the best response from the institutions we target

End users

4. Social media
Setting up social media profiles to generate interest. This is the ‘coming soon, stay tuned stage’

After reaching a benchmark number of doctors on the plat

5. Social media campaigns
Populating explainer videos, content marketing strategies, influencer collaborations. Facebook/Instagram boost posts

                          & our promise of quality content

                          & our promise of quality content



We understand you’d love us to create content for you. We’re happy to do it thrice a week for you.

We’ve got 8 different post ideas!

Industry specific

These can be posts that related to your industry. We can choose between tech, start ups and the health industry every once in a while to keep the content fresh.

Think, new health laws.

"Did you know"

These kinds of posts are almost a subset of being industry specific, but they’re more focused on the eccentricty of the fact being mentioned rather than being something like a piece of news

Talk about your UI design

Platforms such as Instagram are a great place for UI designers, and even enthusiasts. This is your opportunity to show off your great website, and app. If you make changes/updates, you can let people know in beautiful visuals.

It’s a great way to build the user base, especially from the end user perspective.

New doctor onboarding

Every time you get a doctor or clinic or board, flaunt it. These are your self congratulatory posts. These can be provided by you when you get a doctor on the platform. Don’t forget to ask for a selfie with them. We need to show end users that we’re doing something right, and in our case, we have doctors onboard.

The how-to's

Users on social media, and even on the internet generally love to learn how things work. We’d be creating posts on how to, for example, navigate through a certain feature on your site/app

Reposting content

We will navigate through the social media platforms and find existing users who are creating content for you! Think food bloggers posting pictures of a restaurant they go to. We’ll find your users, use to their posts to be populated on your social media platforms. These acts like social media testimonials. The more the merrier.

Motivational quotes

Motivational quotes have become a norm in the social media realm. It’s almost mandatory to create content around them. We’ll be sure to create content that acts as a small boost of inspiration for the existing social media community. This also gives us a chance to be seen by new audiences.

Seasonal greetings

There’s always opportunity to touch base with the social media community by creating content along the lines of events like Eid, Christmas and so on. We’ll keep a close eye on the calender and make sure every opportunity is used well to be seen by potential end users and doctors alike


Below is a sample of copywritten, creative, and informative email, that we sent to Spinneys LLC, Dubai.

Notice how we’ve conveyed so much information in a few small paraghraphs.

We made sure we subtly pitched all our other services along with the core product of interest.

We mentioned statistics to strengthen our claims, showed them how we can actually add value.

Let’s not forget the artwork we put in. Not many companies have email pitches with custom made graphics to show the prospective client an extra effort.

We love sending out emails that feel personalised. It’s what we do, and what we want to do for you. 

Greetings Kristina,

It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday.

Allow me to reintroduce myself; I’m Ahmad Alam, and I work at Daiichi Digital. We’re based in Silicon Oasis, Dubai. Our company focuses on helping businesses scale through digital mediums. In a nutshell, we develop websites/e-commerce stores, manage social media accounts and execute result driven digital marketing strategies.

91% of the UAE’s population uses the internet according to Internet World Stats, and on average, every individual owns two cell phones. UAE is rapidly moving into, and embracing digital in all its forms. Initiatives such as Smart Dubai, are just few of the several examples that all point to the appetite for all things innovative.

We want to offer Spinneys the opportunity to scale beyond the high cost physical retail space.

We’re proposing an e-commerce website. It is the best way to grow into other territories, and not only rely on walk-in customers.

It would be great to meet with you once you’re back, so we can speak in detail about this chance for Spinneys to be a market leader in the online space.

Best regards,

Ahmad Alam
050 1433919
Daiichi Digital


From one creative startup to another, are you ready to take off with us?

We would love to work with you, and take you to new heights!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Team Daiichi